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The Burnout Barometer Session - a FREE 30 minute Mind-Body Stress Assessment with Garliq

Includes 1 x 30 minute session


Hi there. This is Garliq.

Thank you for submitting your responses to the Burnout Barometer and booking this appointment for us to talk. I realize that your relationship with stress and your health is actually a very intimate thing to share. I'll hold it with respect and tenderness (and confidentiality, of course).

And if you got here without filling out the Burnout Barometer questionnaire, please go to the bottom of this page and fill it out. -->http://livingmedicineproject.com/healing-services/burnout-barometer-stress-assessment/ It's most of what we'll be talking about in your session.

I also want to offer you some congratulations! Taking this step in prioritizing your health and self care is SUPER DUPER important. We may not know each other yet, but I know that you are needed in this collective work of healing the planet. (That's why healing ourselves is so important)

Oh, and for now, I'm only able to do skype calls. My preference is always face to face in the same space, but for now I'm still working to secure the right clinical space in Nelson. My skype name is "garliq" and should be easy to find.

If you're in Nelson and you have a space where we can speak in private (confidentiality is really important to me), then I'm totally willing to meet you at that location - just email me the details soon (now would be best) so that i can give myself time to get there and back.

I look forward to connecting with you live.

strength & wisdom. garliq

PS. if you think you might be interested in receiving support or healing beyond this 30 minute session, i invite you to take a look at my new program... the "REDUCE Your Stress, REVIVE Your Health, RECYCLE the System" Herbal Self Care Program. It's 3 months of healing with herbs and empathy to get you (the world's changemakers) back to thriving! Click here to check it out --> ***

This link is on the Burnout Barometer page, but I'm adding it here I've learned that people read webpages in varied ways.

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